The Best Puppies for Toddlers to Grow Up With (Here are 10 Recommended Puppies)

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Bringing home a puppy can be incredibly exciting.

Puppies are one of the best pets to have around since they’re so full of energy and life that they’ll keep you on your toes and provide constant entertainment.

However, not all puppies are created equal – just like with any other pet, certain breeds will work better with certain people than others will.

Since you want to bring home the perfect puppy that your toddler will have loads of fun with, it’s important to choose the right breed from the beginning.

Keep reading to learn more about the best puppies for toddlers to grow up with!

Pit Bulls


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If you are thinking about getting a dog, but aren’t sure if your child is ready to grow up with a puppy, there are some great dogs out there that will do well with children.

One such breed is the Pit Bull. They love their owners and are fiercely loyal, gentle, with children, and great watchdogs.

If you have small children, then consider looking into getting one of these wonderful creatures.

It may take some time for them to get used to having kids around, but once they do they will make excellent companions.

Another option is an English Springer Spaniel.

These dogs have lots of energy and need plenty of exercise to be happy.

They can be a bit excitable at times so they must be trained early on not to jump or bite when excited as they can easily knock over smaller children who may not know how to handle them yet.

Beagles are another great choice as they love people, especially kids!

Great Danes


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If you’re looking for a loving but active puppy that can grow with your toddler, then consider a Great Dane.

Since they’re gentle giants, they’ll be able to handle any roughhousing or accidental knocking over of furniture.

They like being around children and don’t mind playing games with them; in fact, Danes have been known to play fetch with toddlers!

They also need tons of affection (just like your child does) and are very affectionate back.

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Also, as long as you give them plenty of room—and make sure your toddler isn’t sitting on him or standing near his rear—the Dane will be an excellent playmate for your young one.

As far as size goes, expect a fully grown Great Dane to be anywhere from 30-36 inches tall at the shoulder and weigh anywhere from 140-200 pounds.

You should also know that it may take a while for your dog to get used to their new surroundings, so make sure you set aside time every day to help them adjust.

As far as grooming goes, Danes have short hair and shed minimally. However, since their coat is prone to tangles and mats, if not brushed regularly, brushing once or twice per week is highly recommended.

Brushing regularly will also prevent skin problems, such as hot spots from developing!

Golden Retrievers


The Best Puppies for Toddlers to Grow Up With

Though Golden Retrievers have a long list of remarkable traits, one of their most notable characteristics is their sense of loyalty.

Goldens love unconditionally and are incredibly patient with children.

They’re one of several breeds considered kid-friendly, meaning they thrive around kids (and even other pets) without growing territorial or aggressive.

They’re also great communicators—they let you know when they want to play, eat or cuddle—making them a breeze to raise with toddlers.

Just remember that all puppies need time to grow into mature adults; your Golden puppy will not be fully grown until at least two years old.

This is an important fact to keep in mind as your toddler grows into an active preschooler who may need more supervision from you than he or she did as a baby.

Just remember that all puppies need time to grow into mature adults; your Golden puppy will not be fully grown until at least two years old.

Labrador Retrievers


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Their charming personality, big hearts, and high level of intelligence make them great dogs for toddlers.

Labrador Retrievers (also known as Labradors) are affectionate and happy-go-lucky dogs who love spending time with their families.

Not only will a Lab be your child’s best friend, but he will also help teach him or her responsibility, patience, and kindness towards animals from an early age.

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Your toddler can learn how to interact with other people and pets through playing games like fetch and hide-and-seek.

As they grow older, they can use their newfound skills to train their puppy!



Funny Expression, Pug, Cute, Dog

If you’re looking for a dog that is extremely good with kids, look no further than pugs.

There are several reasons why pugs make excellent pets for toddlers.

First, pugs are great at dealing with other dogs and will rarely get into a fight with another pooch—even if they’re met in public.

Second, pugs don’t need much exercise; two walks a day will suffice, and their small size means they don’t take up too much space at home.

Third, pugs have soft mouths and rarely nip or bite when playing around little ones.

Finally, they have natural insulation from cold weather, which means they make great pets during wintertime; just remember to bring them inside when it gets too hot outside.



Puppy, Bulldog, Dog, Pet, Canine, Animal

Bulldog puppies can be great companions and are usually good with children.

Bulldogs love to play, though they’ll have trouble keeping up with active toddlers, so keep your kids from running over their new pet too much.

Bulldog short coat is low-maintenance and requires no clipping or bathing.

If you don’t mind their loud snoring, Bulldogs make an excellent choice for toddler owners because of their calm temperaments and patient nature.

Bulldogs are known as even-tempered dogs that are naturally protective of small children (and often tiny animals as well).

They’re obedient when trained properly and can be a great addition to any family!



Dog, Corgi, Cute, Animal, Dog, Dog, Dog

If you’re looking for a larger dog that doesn’t require too much work and is great with kids, we recommend a Corgi.

This breed usually grows to be no more than 25 inches tall and weighs between 20-30 pounds. It is active but doesn’t require much exercise.

Pembroke Welsh Corgis make excellent family pets because they are easygoing and will curl up in your lap if asked nicely.

They can be protective of their owners, so it’s important to train them from an early age.

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Dog, Yorkshire Terrier, Woman, Street

If you’re looking for a small dog that can keep up with your growing toddler, look no further than a Yorkshire terrier.

The Yorkshire terrier is one of the most popular breeds in America today.

But it’s not just because of its cute appearance;

Yorkies are also known as friendly and affectionate dogs that don’t require much space or attention.

Yorkies are friendly toward strangers and other animals, making them an excellent choice if you want your child to grow up around animals.

They tend to be good-natured and playful (meaning they’ll be able to hold their own against rambunctious toddlers), and many people like their tendency toward independence.

German Shepherds


Shepherd Dog, Puppy, Dog

The first and most important thing that you need to consider is safety.

Most German Shepherds are gentle and calm dogs, but they are a little larger than many other breeds, so you must understand your dog’s needs before introducing them into your home.

A German Shepherd that hasn’t been socialized early on may not react well around young children, and it could result in a dangerous situation.

However, if you find a responsible breeder who has begun socializing their puppy from an early age, then there will be no reason why a German Shepherd wouldn’t be suitable as your toddler’s companion.

French Bulldogs


French Bulldog, Dog, Pet, Canine, Sleep

If you’re looking for a loyal pup who will be there no matter what, then consider getting a French bulldog.

These pups are known to be protective, smart, and loyal.

Additionally, they are quite good at socializing with toddlers and other family members.

As long as they get enough exercise, these dogs can also easily live in an apartment or condo.

They’re sturdy and easy to carry around on your shoulder if you want them near you all day long!

However, it’s important to note that French Bulldogs do have some medical issues, so you’ll need to make sure your pup gets yearly check-ups.

This breed has been banned from certain cities because of its health problems.

You should research whether yours is allowed before purchasing one of these dogs.

They are cute and fun to play with but not good pets for those without time or money for regular vet visits.

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