Top 5 Best Dog Breeds for Apartment Dwellers and Hikers

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An apartment-dweller may think that dogs like German Shepherds or Golden Retrievers are out of the question when you live in an apartment.

In this article, we’ll talk about our top 5 best dog breeds for apartments dwellers and hiking.

And let’s face it, bigger dogs can eat up more of your living space, and you might think their energy levels aren’t suitable for apartment life and hiking companions.

Fortunately, there are plenty of breeds that can do well in small spaces but still have enough energy to keep your daily walks fun and entertaining!



Labrador Retriever, Dog, Pet, Tongue Out


As a whole, Labradors are a pretty happy lot. They love their human companions and are known to seek out interactions with people.

These pups don’t do well when left alone all day; they need regular exercise and attention to stay healthy. If you’re looking for a dog that will accompany you on hiking trips.

Labradors may be a good fit since they have lots of energy. A small apartment might be too small of a space, though, so if you’re looking to keep your dog contained inside, an energetic breed might not be best suited for that lifestyle change.

However, most Labradors can handle some time inside as long as they get their daily dose of fresh air!

Just make sure you give them enough exercise and entertainment before leaving them at home or else they’ll let you know how bored they are.

Because these dogs crave human interaction, consider getting a pair of dogs instead of one single pup—this way, there will always be someone around to play with them!

And once it’s time for bed, these guys sleep like rocks. You’ll rarely hear a peep from your Labrador after he gets settled in his bed at night (unless he has to go outside).

So while he may need his special place in your home where he can feel comfortable napping away from others, rest assured that at least he won’t wake up everyone else in the house by barking or howling throughout the night.

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What’s more? He’ll probably even greet you happily first thing in the morning!

Border Collies


If you live in an apartment or condo and want a smart, energetic dog that’s good on hikes, go with a Border Collie.

These dogs can learn new tricks quickly, are trainable, highly energetic, easily bored (in other words, they need LOTS of exercise), and have short fur that’s easy to maintain.

Their coat colors include white, red, and sable; common nicknames include Beagles with horns. If you’re looking for something a little less high-energy (but still active), check out our next top dog…

Don’t have time to walk your dog every day? That’s no problem with a terrier: small but powerful and playful; they love being around people—and anything else that moves!

While these dogs were bred to hunt rats, today’s versions prefer chasing squirrels around your backyard. But like most hunting breeds, Terriers don’t like being alone, so it may not be right for singles or empty nesters who work long hours during the week.

For everyone else, though—kids included—they’re just about perfect! If you’d like more space indoors than is offered by a terrier but don’t have time to take them outside every hour, consider…

Golden Retrievers are well known as one of America’s favorite dog breeds (if not THE favorite).

They’re friendly, loyal, and obedient; their short coat makes grooming easy; they can swim and retrieve; they rarely bark, and their size makes them great companions for older kids.

The only downside is that Golden Retrievers shed a lot—but even that has its upside if you enjoy having an excuse to buy new vacuum cleaners.

Bichon Frise


If you’re looking for a dog that doesn’t need too much outdoor exercise, then look no further than Bichon Frise.

With its fluffy white coat, bushy tail, and easygoing personality, a Bichon will delight in spending as much time inside your apartment as possible.

If you live in an area where there is access to plenty of off-leash space (like most cities), then a Bichon might be right for you.

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Just make sure that if you want to take it on trails with you, then keep him or her on a leash; their coat makes them more susceptible to injuries from thorns and bugs than some other breeds are.

They also have trouble staying cool during warm weather, so they can be a bad choice for warmer climates.

For example, San Diego has fairly mild winters but extremely hot summers—it’s probably not going to work out well. But places like Portland?

Perfect! You won’t find a better companion during long hikes through old-growth forests! Their affectionate nature and small size make them perfect companions when you don’t have room for a larger breed.

Plus, they only weigh around 10 pounds at full-grown, so they’ll fit just about anywhere! As long as you’re prepared to groom your little friend regularly, you’ll never regret adopting one of these adorable dogs into your home.

Yorkshire Terriers


The quintessential apartment dog, Yorkshire Terriers are beloved by New Yorkers and other big city dwellers alike.

Even though they’re small, their easygoing nature makes them suitable companions for hikers, too. They have a water-resistant coat that doesn’t require much maintenance, so they don’t need baths too often.

They do shed but they only shed twice a year, so it is easy to groom them in between shedding seasons.

These lap dogs are a great addition to any family or hiking party as long as you give them attention; otherwise, they can be mischievous as well.

But if you want a low-maintenance breed with loads of personality, look no further than these little guys. You won’t regret adopting one!

On average, Yorkies live up to 15 years so make sure you are ready for such an active little animal. If you have allergies, beware because Yorkies shed quite a bit especially during their molting season (once every 3 months).

They also get dirty easily because of their lack of fur protection from dirt when outdoors.

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Grooming is also an issue because they need regular brushing and grooming to avoid tangles which could result in mats on their body.

Aside from all these downsides, they still make wonderful pets as per numerous pet surveys around North America.



A dog that looks like a wrinkly old man may not be everyone’s idea of a good time, but pugs make excellent apartment dogs.

They’re people-oriented, gentle, and rarely bark. More than anything else, they love to be around people – a great choice if you live alone or want your dog to keep you company during work hours.

Be prepared to clean up after it though, as Pug fur sheds often. If you live in a place where yard space is limited (like an apartment complex), take note: Pugs are terrible jogging companions.

They just don’t have it in them! But they do enjoy hiking short distances on flat surfaces! Any hiker who prefers flat terrain will probably prefer taking a Pug along with him/her.

Not all hikers can say their dog has fun while they’re climbing mountains and traversing rugged terrain.

With its small size and stubby legs, the Pug is a surprisingly efficient climber – especially given its massive head!

In other words, go ahead and pack Fido into your backpack when you go hiking; next time – he’ll appreciate it too! Just remember to carry some water for both of you.

After all, even his adorable face needs hydration! 🙂 Oh, and one more thing: You might also consider getting your dog microchipped before hitting the trails.

Unlike most breeds that come running at the sound of human voices or another canine’s barking.

Pugs tend to ignore such calls because they were bred to hunt by scent rather than sight or sound. This makes them prone to getting lost in unfamiliar places – never a good thing when off-leash!

To avoid unnecessary stress for both owner and pet alike, consider chipping your pooch before heading out into nature together. It’s quick and easy – I promise!

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